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The Soft Washing Method: What You Need To Know About The Gentler Approach To Pressure Washing

Soft washing method

The term pressure washing is both an umbrella term for this method of exterior cleaning as well as an actual technique with its own specific settings. Below the umbrella are several other techniques, and one of the far more common ones is the soft washing method. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with this technique even if you're not the one doing the pressure washing, especially if you're looking into hiring a contractor for your home or business for the first time. The more you understand about the services you're hiring for, the better equipped you are to find the right company for you and your property!

What Exactly Is The Soft Washing Method?

At its most basic level, the soft washing method is a much lower pressure wash compared to the power and pressure washing methods. Standard soft washing is almost always done at a pressure level at or below 500 PSI (pounds per square inch), which is higher than a standard garden hose, but still much lower than other pressure washing techniques. In some cases, depending on the condition of harder surfaces like brick, stone, and concrete, the soft washing method will be used, but at a higher PSI than what is typically used with this particular technique. A reputable professional will know exactly how to approach any given surface, and it's important to trust their judgment when it comes to your exterior surfaces.

For standard soft washing, though, the far lower pressure setting is almost always combined with a higher concentration of eco-friendly chemical solutions. This allows the expert to provide a deep and thorough clean without risking any damage to your exterior surfaces, especially because this method is used on the more delicate areas of your home or business, such as your roofing or windows.

How And When This Gentle Technique Is Used

The soft washing technique is most commonly used for services such as roof washing, window cleaning, and house washing depending on the finish of your home. Vinyl siding is lightweight and durable, but much less sturdy than a stone or brick finish. Soft washing can be used even on the hardest surfaces like concrete with great success, but the same cannot be said in the reverse. A higher pressure wash should never be used on an area like your rooftop or windows because these materials are simply not equipped to handle it. This is one of many reasons why pressure washing is always best left to the pros!

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